Muta! Lab


Do you feel like you need a creative space in which to pour out what you have inside?

Do you want to reconnect with your intuition and unleash your imagination?

Do you feel blocked and want to surprise yourself by breaking down your limiting beliefs?


Sign up for Muta!Lab and start a path towards transformation: break creative and personal blockages, freeing yourself from those limiting thoughts that prevent you from advancing in your creative and vital growth.



It's a intensive course one Saturday a month that combines artistic techniques, therapeutic and theatrical art. Dance, body, writing, painting, photography, drawing and play, a lot of play, will help us exploit the creativity we have inside to the fullest.



  • 9 intensive Saturdays of play and creativity.
  • A collective tutorial at the end of the first quarter.
  • An individual dramaturgical accompaniment during the second trimester.
  • A dossier with the reference materials used during training 
  • The creation of a theatrical and/or performative solo.
  • An exhibition in front of the public in a professional room in Barcelona: the Phoenix Room.


Photographs by Miriam Martí Pallarès. IG: @mmartipallares.

About us?


The Cia Cándida training team is Anna Tamayo Escalera, founder of the company, actress, playwright, theater director and facilitator of community theater processes, and Mercè Alegre Bastida, art therapist specializing in accompanying grief and loss through art and in accompanying creative processes. 

In Muta!Lab We want to accompany the individual process of each member of the group with the intention of going beyond fears, shame, internal obstacles so that in the end a very genuine theatrical solo emerges in which the person, despite exposing themselves, does not feel unprotected. feel safe and cared for.

Practical information


El primer sábado de cada mes, de 10h a 19h excepto cuando es susceptible de puente o festivo.
El calendario concreto seria el siguiente:

5 octubre

9 noviembre

14 diciembre

11 enero

1 febrero

1 marzo

5 abril

10 mayo

7 de junio

Tutorials, dramaturgical accompaniment and extra rehearsals will be agreed upon later with the people involved.

**The course will be taught in Catalan and Spanish but each participant can express themselves in the language they wish.**

Sala Siconi
C/ Rosselló, 461

PRICE: €120/Saturday 

Tel. 658 911 618




Duration: one Saturday a month, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. + specific individual and group online sessions to tutor the creative project

Price: €120 per month

Plazas: minimum 6, maximum 10

Materials: lleva ropa cómoda, agua y una libreta y boli.