My Mother in Panties


My mother in panties It is the tribute that Anna wants to pay to her mother Rosa, and also the show that Rosa wants to do with her daughter Anna. It is the absolute failure of each other's intentions, and also the reason why they fail. And what else? asks Rosa, who has little patience with creative processes. Well, it's also mother and daughter dancing in each other's arms with their eyes closed, and tearing off the umbilical cord from yourself with a war cry, and looking your wise ancestors in the eyes on a full moon night and telling them... Forgive me, eh? But if you don't mind, leave me alone once and for all.

My mother in panties It's Rosa in panties, Anna in panties and you and I in panties, too, because we never get as naked as when we really talk about our relationship with our mother.

Duration: 55 min.

Shows Theatrical.

Professional theater company of contemporary creation.