About us?

Anna Tamayo is the alma mater of the company but she does not work alone. YesShe surrounds herself with artists who inspire her in the company's creative processes. 

Some of her regular collaborators are
Ángela Palacios, writer, actress and director, Alba Rubió Pons, composer, musician and singer, Marta Méndez Álvarez, illuminator and creative actress, etc. But of all of them there is one that is always present and that is part of the company's origins:
Mercè Alegre Bastida.  

Anna Tamayo Escalera

Actress, theater creator,
director and playwright

Mercè Alegre Bastida

Art therapist, writer, 
plastic artist and illustrator
We've known each other since we were three years old.
Unravel the unknown, shape it
and get the voice out from those places still to go
It is our engine of action.

That's why we created Cia Cándida,
Stories that need to be told.