Theater company in Barcelona

Professional theater company of contemporary creation, created in 2018.

The Cándida company was born in 2018 directly from the bowels of Anna Tamayo who needs scenic creation to understand the world and relate to it.

A prevailing creative fire forces him to put on stage, outside of it, what he has inside and thus is born Candida, the company's first show. It is a solo based on real events about vaginal candidiasis that vindicates the little knowledge we have on the subject and how this type of “female” diseases are promoted from patriarchal unconsciousness.

The second show 200,000 women, Created together with Ángela Palacios, co-playwright and director, it is about the witch hunt in Catalonia. He is a candidate for Max 2021 Award in the Best Actress category and wins various awards in the Catbasur 2020 Contest, in the Escènia Festival 2021 and in the Mostra't Sandaru 2021.

The third show Back home, Created together with Albert Requena, it is for all audiences and is about grief and accompaniment to grief in the family.

The fourth creation of the company is My mother in panties, with dramaturgy by Raquel Loscos and direction by Lali Álvarez, in which Anna goes on stage with her real mother Rosa Escalera and they break, naturally and freshly, the false myths about motherhood. The show is such a success that the theater proposes a revival and is selected by the Barcelona Cultural District program.

Currently the company has opened various training courses in creation and interpretation that distill the methodology that has been forged over the years of creation. 

Our works

The company works from the cathartic use of humor and the generous emotional exposure of its actress and alma mater Anna Tamayo.

It is characterized by performing theatrical productions that use comedy to review the past and give voice to silenced stories.