200,000 women


I have never seen you in a coven, but I had to accuse someone to end the torments. I came up with your name because when they were taking me to prison we met and you told me that you would never have believed something like that about me. I apologize, but if they tortured me again, I would accuse you again.“. Vallès witchcraft trials.

200.000 Witches were tortured and sentenced to death in Europe between the 16th and 17th centuries. They were accused of causing epidemics, frosts and supernatural deaths, guided by the Devil.

Joana, Jaumeta and Felipa, midwife, herbalist and farmer, share a concern and a fear, of being accused, too, of witchcraft.

Were those 200,000 dead witches or simply women?

Duration: 75 min approx.

Shows Theatrical.

Professional theater company of contemporary creation.