Anna Tamayo Escalera

Candidate for Best Actress at the 2021 Max Awards for her work in 200,000 women

Graduated in Dramatic Art from the Col·legi de Teatre, she continues her training with Txiki Berraondo, Manuel Lillo, Nelson Valente, the Theater Institute, Marcet Voice Studio, Moreno Bernardi, Andrea Jiménez, Oskar Luko in Barcelona and Guillermo Angelelli and Daniel Veronesse in Buenos Aires.

In 2018 he founded his own theater company, Cía Cándida, after creating, producing, acting and directing his first solo Candida. Co-create 200,000 women together with Ángela Palacios, a show that wins numerous awards, is selected by the Barcelona Cultural District in spring 2022 and travels to Argentina during February 2023. Co-creates, together with Albert Requena, the family show Back home that performs various functions in cultural facilities in the city of Barcelona. And the company's latest production My mother in panties, written by Raquel Loscos and directed by Lali Álvarez, is selected by the call for “On el teatre batega” and is shown in the Atic22 room of the Teatre Tantarantana. Thanks to the success of the public, the show is extended in the Baixos room of the Teatre Tantarantana and is selected by the Barcelona Cultural District for spring 2024.

She participates as an actress and creator in the Cía Casa Real shows until 2018. She makes a couple of school tours in French with Teatre del Repartidor and works as an actress in the theater-forums of Nus Cooperative until 2020.

In the audiovisual field, he participates in several short films and web series (Big bank, Las Des). His work in the Betevé series stands out Lettuce Character selected by the Tube d'assaig, its appearance on TV3 in the APM World Today 104 and As if you were there.

On a pedagogical level, she has worked for years at Artistes Pedagogs as a coordinator and secondary school theater teacher, directing creative processes with young adolescents in different institutes in Barcelona. She has participated as a theater teacher, creator, director and actress in the European community creation project Dan.The.Net. and participate in the new edition called CREA.RE. She works as a Diploma and Professional interpretation teacher and as staging director at Complot Escánico from 2020 to 2023 and directs the staging group with adults during the 2022/23 academic year at L'Autèntica presenting collective creation Love is in the air. Be part of the team Education Service of the National Theater of Catalonia, participating as assistant director of the community project Escort the goodat (June 2024) directed by Pere Borrell and as director of the project that will be carried out during the third quarter of the 2024/25 academic year.

She currently directs the theater workshop at the social inclusion center for mental health Septiclub, the youth and children's group at the Sensedrama del Casino Theater School (St. Andreu de la Barca) and is a self-employed acting teacher at Barcelona carrying out two courses designed by her and her regular collaborator Mercè Alegre: Acting training and theatrical production and Muta!Lab.